KSR16-L0-12-10-15-08, Idler Sprockets Bearings

KSR16-L0-12-10-15-08, Idler Sprockets Bearings

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Authorised Suppliers For Leading Manufacturers Of Bearings, Chain and Power Transmission Products. George Lodge & Sons Tel: 01482 329553. Kettenspannräder KSR16-L0-12-10-15-08. Kettenscheibe aus Stahl oder Sintereisen. Kettenspannräder KSR16-L0-12-10-15-08, Kettenscheibe aus Stahl. Radiale Last Beidseitig abgedichtet Lebensdauerschmierung, Wartungsfreiheit Fettschmierung. Kettenspannräder KSR16-L0-12-10-15-08, Kettenscheibe aus Stahl


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d - 16,2 mm

D - 40 mm

B - 18,3 mm

Number of teeth - 15

Do - 91,6 mm

Dk - 99,2 mm

C - 12 mm

C1 - 10,5 mm

C2 - 1,5 mm

Weight - 0,42 Kg

1 - DIN 8187

2 - DIN 8188

INA bearing KSR16-L0-12-10-15-08 type is cylindrical roller bearing, inner diameter, outer diameter, thickness, bearing inner ring, outer ring, etc. For more detailed information, you can consult our company to obtain INA KSR16-L0-12-10-15-08 bearing matching installation dimensions, installation dimensions, weight , dynamic load rating, load, KSR16-L0-12-10-15-08 limit speed, clearance, bearing drawings, samples, prices or replacement products, etc., please send me a quotation, email: [email protected]